About Us

About Us


SAMZA’S began its journey into Malaysian homes in 2014, with the creation of various sambal and paste products based in Rawang Selangor, Malaysia.

A year later, 2015 saw the sudden rise in market growth which prompted our transfer to a larger factory in Kundang Industry Park, Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia. Due to increasing consumer demand, in 2017, SAMZA’S started our journey to being listed in many modern trade hypermarkets such as Lotus’s, Mydin, TF Value Mart, ST Rosyam Mart, Noko, AEON and many more. 

There, we expanded our business further. The company then added another brand BUBBLE CAFE and established one more plants at Batu Pahat, Johor in the year 2024 later. This plant focuses on the production line of Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Drinks. Besides company’s production sites, the new set up is also warehouses, corporate office as well as administrative facilities.

Fresh From Farm To You

SAMZA’S products are made from fresh ingredients using best state-of-the art traditional recipes through generations. We harvest our own chilli farm at Banting, Selangor. All other ingredients are freshly cooked from Malaysia. 

Halal Exporter

Ensuring Our products meet quality and high standard requirements, all products adhere to Halalan Toyibban concept, Halal certification by JAKIM Malaysia, and also MeSTI, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).


Samz Holding Sdn Bhd vision is to increase home happiness and move forward in life by providing a halal food & beverages producer with trusted nutritious value


Our mission to become largest market share in Malaysia & South East Region


Fresh From Farm To You

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How Our Products Inspired Consumer


Most of our product range is Ready-to-Cook & Read-to-Eat. It is a functional multipurpose which can be consumed in other ways around. For example, our Sambal Hijau can be eaten right away and also can be used as Nasi Goreng Cooking Paste. Just add the Sambal Hijau in the pan with 50ml of cooking oil, and fry it together with white rice and eggs!

Long Shelf Life

SAMZA’S and BUBBLE CAFE products are mostly best to consume for a minimum of 24 months. Thanks to technology because most products are pasteurised and sterilised to make it safe to consume using the best state of the homegrown recipes. Products can be stored at room temperature without the need of refrigeration. We open widely range of products that are ready to be heated in the microwave before consumption.

R&D for Sensory

In Samz Holding Sdn Bhd, we believe taste has a unique element of five important sensory aspects to compliment the nice taste of any food such as, sweetness level, saltiness level and importantly the umami taste. Therefore, we always focusing on research & development improving these taste according to consumer preference

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